film transfer process

First step is all of the Film reels are signed in with their respective Titles recorded in a ledger. Once the Film reels have been signed in, the film is cleaned with a special film preservative, this is critical to a quality film transfer. During the cleaning process the Film is inspected for rips and tears, and all defective splices are replaced.

The next step is the capture process. During a Film Transfer, the Film is placed in the capture machine and played back at 6 fps with each frame captured one at a time and the video levels are adjusted to enhance the video quality and the capture process begins. Upon completion of the capturing process, the next step is editing.

During the editing process all of the unwanted scenes are removed such as blank scenes, video shot with the lens cap still on, scenes completely washed out etc. Upon completion of the editing it’s time to customize the upgraded menus for the DVD. A two hour Film Transfer package will have two menu pages with 9 interactive thumbnails on each menu page for a total of 18 thumbnails. Each thumbnail is a 15 to 20 second preview of the video spaced approximately 6 to 7 minutes apart. This allows you to see at a glance the entire contents of the DVD. The menus will also have custom Titling per the client’s instructions. Once the menu is completed with each of the thumbnails tied to a chapter point on the video, the video is authored to a DVD. The upgraded menu option really enhances your viewing experience.

After the DVD has been authored it is thoroughly tested to ensure proper playback. Now it’s time to print the full color Film Transfer design with custom Titling directly onto the DVD, no stick on labels are used to prevent a label from peeling off during playback which could result in damage to your DVD player. The final step is printing the full color Film Transfer design with custom Titling onto the DVD case insert. In addition to the Titling on the front of the DVD case, on the rear of the case contents of the DVD can also be printed. This is an upgraded that will help futire Generations identify each scene.

​You have now preserved your Film onto a DVD for the enjoyment of watching it from the comforts of your living room on your TV with no more fast forwarding or rewinding required. You no longer have to worry about your Film degrading with age.


film transfer

economical, basic transfer

Our DVD experts will take your 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film and transfer to DVD, or a Digital File on a USB Flash Drive, using state of the art equipment and processes. Your precious film will be handled with the utmost of care.

All film is cleaned and lubricated prior to the transfer process in order to prevent breakage and remove accumulated dirt and debris. Defective splices will be replaced, and broken film will get new splices, for only $3.00 each. Each frame is captured separately to give you the best playback possible. Multiple reels will be combined, and an optional full-motion thumbnail index menu makes it a snap to find the scene you are looking for. The film transfer process calculates the length of the film so you only pay for actual film length.

If your Super 8mm or 16mm film has an audio track there is an additional charge. Less than 5% of the Super 8mm sold had an audio track. Please call for more information.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to read more about the transfer process and to see a sample of Regular 8mm Film transfer and Super 8mm Film transfer.

Small 3” Reels are only $8.50 each.
Large Reels are only $0.14 per foot.

Extra DVD copies range from $10.00 to $3.50 each depending on quantity.

​No set-up fees or hidden charges.

8mm film transfer to DVD

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